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What is it?

Digital printing refers to the method of printing from a digital-based image like a PDF directly on to a variety of media. It is great for short runs and offers high quality colour and a fine print resolution.

With average print runs shrinking and time-to-market critical, the benefits of using digital print are clearer than ever. With the ability to print quantities from one to several thousands, you can achieve high-quality, competitive print with quick turn-around times, making your business more responsive.

Mayfield Press printers Oxford

Why choose Mayfield?

For small quantities and short runs, digital printing is the most convenient, high-quality printing solution available. For material which frequently needs updating, digital printing is ideal and we have the latest state-of-the-art Indigo digital press.

When you need to adjust your print run at the last minute, we can do it.

Or perhaps you want to print a thousand items, each with a different photo or line of text – this is achievable, as changes can be database driven within the same print run.

Exploiting these techniques you can achieve fantastic flexibility on a vast range of items, including

  • Personalised ID, loyalty or membership cards,
  • Luggage tags,
  • Newsletters,
  • Invitations,
  • Brochures,
  • Direct mail pieces.

We can print on uncoated paper up to A3 and can even print with white ink.

With digital printing we offer you flexibility and the option make changes on demand.


Mayfield Press printers Oxford

Case Study 1 : Cosmetics Brochure Quick Turnaround Printing

Each month we get a document for internal training purposes from an internationally known cosmetics giant. Due to the sensitive and confidential nature of the content of the brochures, these have to be released at the very last minute to print.

Print ready files come to us at 9.00am, we then send pdf proofs back to the client for approval within a few hours. These files are then approved to print and sent to the Indigo digital press for print.

The page count varies from month to month but they tend to be between 40 and 52 pages with covers and printed in 4 colour throughout, on an uncoated material.

We run two versions for the Retail team and the Marketing team on two separate print runs. We usually print between 150 – 250 copies of each. As they come off the Indigo in collated sets, these can easily be folded and saddle stitched ready for despatch.

We have to guarantee a delivery to their London W1 Head office for 9.00am 48hours later without fail. The final product is distributed internally to the Retail and Marketing sector for internal training.

Whilst the client says that there are some other suppliers who can match the deadlines on this monthly project, only Mayfield reaches a consistently high level of accuracy and quality of the final product, which they can’t find anywhere else.

Case Study 2 : Financial Advisor Name Badges

A financial services company were hosting an event at the Stock Exchange, both for their existing clients and potential clients and asked us to provide the name badges for their staff and these customers.

We were asked to devise a generic tag and flow in the names and addresses from data supplied in an Excel spreadsheet.

Through discussions, we suggested that it might be useful for staff to be able to see quickly and discreetly who were existing clients at the event and who were prospective clients. We devised a simple but subtle way to differentiate. A larger badge was designed for staff with a smaller badge for clients. However, we then added a colour coding reference so that staff could easily establish which of the attendees were clients and which were not, without making it obvious to the attendees themselves.


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